40-Year Jubilee

The 40-Year Jubilee of Shôgen-Dojo on May 31st 2015

On August 31st 1975 the Shôgen-Dôjo and the Rinzai Zen Society in Switzerland, branch of Myôshi-ji was founded in Zurich. At that time it was Dr. Henry Platov, Chikuen Kugai Zenji Dai Ôsho, who as an acknowledged Zen Teacher taught his Swiss and American students the wisdom and practice of the living Rinzai Zen. After Dr. Platov’s passing away on March 8th 1990, Tani Kôgetsu Rôshi from Shôgen-ji in Japan, and Eidô Shimano Rôshi from Dai Bôsatsu Zendo Kongo-ji in Upstate New York, took care of the Zen teaching of the Shôgen-Dôjo until Tani Kogetsu Rôshi passed away in 1994. From then on only Eido Shimano Rôshi came to Switzerland once a year to conduct Sesshin with the Shôgen-Dôjo until 2010. Nowadays the Dôjo is independent and is lead by Shôkan Oshô Marcel Urech.

With this celebration of the 40-year Jubilee we remembered with great thankfulness all the humans who, through their contribution, made it possible that this Dôjo is still a place where unadulterated Zen practice takes place. We all experienced a beautiful day with a traditional ceremony, a talk given by Agetsu Kudo Osho, Head of the Zentrum für Zen-Buddhismus, remembering Dr. Platov, a delicious Sushi lunch, a wonderful Tea Ceremony by Ms. Mukai, and an extraordinary Shakuhachi concert by Ueli Derendinger.

Our thankfulness goes to everyone who contributed, as well as all the participants.

Let True Dharma continue, Shôkan Oshô Marcel Urech.

Photo Credit: Hemant Anand