1-day sesshin


We have a 1-day sesshin once a month, always on a Sunday from 10am-5pm. They begin with a one hour sutra recitation, the so called Morning Service, and commence with Zazen (Zen meditation) and Dokusan (dialogue with the teacher) until the lunch break. During that break there will be half an hour of work (Samu), followed by us having lunch together in silence. Then we will have tea. In the afternoon, there will be more Zazen and a Dharma Talk held by the teacher.
1-day sesshins with Dharma Talks are on the following Sundays 10am to 5pm

Our 1-day sesshins will take place on the following days


Sunday September 5th.
Sunday October 31th.
Sunday November 21th

The Zendô remains closed in during the following periods


19th July 2021 to 22nd. August (Summer holidays)
11th October 2021 to 24th October 2021 (Autumn vacation)
20th December 2021 to 2nd January 2022 (Christmas/New Year)